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Publix Pickup

There have been some changes announced from Publix that will greatly affect grocery service for island homeowners and guests as of April 1!!!!


Currently when you place a publix curbside (Instacart) order for pick up, it is shopped by Publix employees at the Coral Shores location. When you leave a note that says it’s a boat order, they will then boat pack it and store it until you arrive to pick it up.


As of April 1, they will no longer be shopping those orders, and therefore they will be shopped by any random Instacart shopper in the city. What this means to you is that these orders are most likely going to be canceled because the Instacart pay out to the Shopper is so low for these orders (called Shop Only orders). This already happens (cancelled orders) at other store locations that do not use Publix employees. The shoppers will also not be allowed to add dry ice or coolers to the order. Most important, you may not know that your order is being canceled until A FEW HOURS BEFORE it’s due to be picked up.


We are teaming up with Pine Island Taxi & Limo to continue to offer curbside service with the benefit of being shopped by our seasoned shoppers who have been doing island orders for years! Upon placing your order, we will contact you with the information for picking up as part of your free 15 minute stop with Pine Island Taxi & Limo!


You are more than welcome to call or text 239-822-7078 if you have any other questions!



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